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Friday, February 20, 2015

"The Circle" & Sweet Serendipity

Talk about Sweet Serendipity... This post started off in one direction... And fate took it in another, and another…. It seems like when it comes to being inspired by Lee…that always happens. That being said, I thought I should post it before it evolves again.  It’s like a snowball effect of awesomeness.
We all know that I am inspired by the music, lyrics and voice of Lee DeWyze. Every lyric to every song that comes out of that beautiful mind is perfection. Words cannot describe how excited I am to hear more new songs from Lee. 
So what does being inspired actually mean?
In my opinion and experience, when you are truly inspired by something you feel it in your bones, a physical reaction from deep down, like it’s what you are supposed to be feeling.  It happens without warning.  It occupies your entire mind leaving no room to think about anything else, you are passionate about it and it’s effortless. Intense, right? Yup….. You cannot TRY to be inspired. When it is legit, it just happens and it is, in fact, intense.  If you are reading this thinking I am being a bit dramatic, then you in fact have never felt what it’s like to be truly inspired by something and it’s nearly impossible to explain it accurately.  Can you imagine being that effected by one person’s voice? To have their words and music actually reach your soul? It is an amazing feeling and it’s even more amazing to connect with others that get it.
I have mentioned before about the “Circle of Inspiration” when Mare, my sister and I did the visual review posts for the “Frames” album. Lee is my primary source of inspiration, but when I hear people being passionate about what I created and that it inspires them to create…That butterfly effect of inspiration almost explodes into MORE inspiration.  Back when Mare and I worked together on the visual review and we talked about the circle of inspiration, I had a sketch idea to create that circle... Lee playing, my hand PAINTING that image of Lee playing and Mare writing. Mare has said in the past that it's been hard for her to share what she writes. Well recently, she has begun posting her poems. She's said that part of the inspiration for her comes from watching us allow people in to that vulnerable art world, and finally feeling safe enough to share. That and her writing inspired me to revisit that initial sketch idea and to bring it to life because it symbolizes this massive bond and friendship that has been created from us creating.

"The circle"

A world's been created 
Fed by one, all along
A musician, a writer, a painter 
All inspired.... by song.

The musician creates 
This world from his heart 
The words and the notes
Inspiring art.
The painter who sees 
His notes and his words
Bringing to life
What she has heard.

The writer who feels
The meaning behind
His songs and her pictures 
With her soul and her mind.

Together this circle
Is fed by each other
Heart, gut and soul
Music, feelings and color.
...amazing right?!?!?! Mare wrote this about the circle of inspiration we are in. Lee writing...singing and playing...that inspires me to create...inspiring her to write.... It's magic!!!! And we were so excited to share this with you!!! 

I love discussing my ideas with Mare because she seems to “get it”; she can see my vision almost immediately. Sometimes I’ll try explaining an idea to Mark or someone else and I get just a blank stare and a shrug, but she gets it. And then the way she has with words when she is excited about it just inspires me even more! Have you ever read some of the stuff she writes? As I mentioned above, this past week on Twitter, Mare posted some poems she had written. They hit close to home, and I think a lot of others felt the same. Right?  I know I have said this before, but I have the utmost respect and admiration for songwriters and poets.  Kind of like Lee’s Lyrics, that is what they reminded me of….. A song or a poem comes from deep within a person…. It’s them being totally vulnerable, letting you in…making you feel exactly what they are feeling. In my case, making me feel it in my gut, inspiring me to create a world for those words to live in.  It truly is magical.
As this snowballed, another Lee fan and friend- Jess ( @jessk2489 ) had always been inspired by Lee, playing guitar, sometimes covering his songs. As Mare was posting poems, one spoke to Jess and she put Mare's words to music she created, and surprised Mare by sending her the video. Mare was so touched that someone was inspired enough to put her words to music, she emailed me all excited. We had already been talking about this post and how Lee inspires so many people that it just goes on and on and here was another example! Maybe someday Jess will share it. :-) 

Inspiration is hard to define, but as the circle continues to stretch outward, I thought this picture was a start. I know that Lee and his music give so many the urge to be creative in some form because his music makes people feel.... And that's where inspiration starts. 

 Thank you for reading this! Now time to re-tweet, post on Facebook, etc... Share with the world this gift that Lee gives us, just by doing what he loves. 

- Jenn & Mare