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Monday, March 9, 2015

**UPDATE** Circle of Inspiration

Hello everyone!

On my last post, I talked about the circle of inspiration and Jess (@jessk2489) turning one of Mare’s poems into song. Guess what? I have that link for you to see! I apologize getting it to you so late, but life just gets so crazy sometimes!


Anyway, Let me start off by saying that it is no short of amazing!

You can listen to the song and view the video here: 

**unfortunately you have to actually click on the actual link above, not the picture.**
Poem/ Lyrics:
Who am I
Tell me what you see
Define me by my face
Tell me what to be.
I know what I am
You see the good side
I'll never show you
Cause you can't love what I hide
Give me your words
Feed me with praise
Beneath the facade
A black soul is crazed
Believe what I show you
Empower the lies
Behind this mask
Is all you despise.

Below is a message from Jess, about being inspired to turn these words into music and also how her boyfriend Bill came to sing the song:

I read Mare's poem and instantly felt like I was in it. The moment I read it, I heard the song in my head. I picked up my guitar, and within 2 minutes had written the chorus of the song. It came so natural and easy. It was like breathing. I finished writing it, but I did not like how my voice suited it. I wanted it to be darker and lower and thought it would be cool to hear a guy sing it. Well lucky me, I have a boyfriend who loves to sing, and I asked him to do it. He loved the idea, and we shot the video that afternoon. The whole thing just came so easy. It is amazing to see how all this inspiration and creativity flows from person to person. “


Isn’t that amazing? I mean, Mare wrote the poem, so I cannot imagine how she must feel about it…but knowing how inspiration hits me personally…. I totally get it and am amazed. Awesome Jess!!!!! And kudos to Bill for being so happy to do this!!!! You are a good man!!! 

Want to know what Mare thought?: 

"When I decided to post some of the things I write, I really didn't expect them to be read. I also have this "thing" about people reading what I write because it lets people "see" me. I decided to stop being afraid of that all the time and just put some things out there. After this particular poem, Jess messaged me saying she had done something with it and hoped I didn't mind… and included the video. MIND?! I watched the video and I cried. Someone thought enough about my words, heard what I was saying, heard me, and allowed me to "hear" what my feelings or thoughts sounded like. What she created was her own interpretation, and at the same time… she got ME right. I was floored and speechless. I inspired a song?! I still don't have any words for how that makes me feel, but it DID inspire me to keep writing and sharing… because maybe, just maybe, I was inspiring someone else. All I know is, this ever-stretching circle means the world to me. ~Mare"


I’d also like to share with you another example of the circle growing…. Thea (@allofTHEAbove90) wrote this beautiful piece for Lee:

Just in case you cannot see all the words on the picture, you can also read it here:

“Entering into the darkness of dingy rooms and dark saloons, my place amongst it all was unknown. Maybe I didn’t belong here, but I forgot these thoughts as every doubt left my mind, trying to escape this reality. As I stood in front of judgment and opened my mouth, a slew of thoughts and emotions filled the room to the tune of my very existence. They talked and they laughed and they judged as if I wasn’t just pouring my heart out for the world to see, but rather spilling the words to have them be repeatedly trampled on, nothing. I stared down at the floor, maybe just old, but clearly layered with dirty memories of self-doubt and broken dreams. Looking up suddenly, my attention caught soulful eyes and listening ears and a breathtaking halo of light overwhelmed the darkness. Suddenly my words mattered, as four lips moved and moods lifted and the dimmest glow of hope was imprinted into my heart. Quality over quantity.  She will never know what she did for me that night. Not faceless, but nameless, not just listening but feeling the words, hitting hard at the core of her being. All that mattered was that it mattered. Thoughts were not lost in a sea of carelessness, but found in an indescribable realm of purpose. Words were not enough. By Thea”



I love it!!!!!! And I wish I had the time to feature everything people create and the things they do because Lee inspired them! Maybe going forward I can spotlight a fan once a month, maybe do it interview style and share what they’ve done? Hmmm… that might be a good idea!!!!


I hope you enjoyed these two examples of how this circle of inspiration continues to grow…. Thank you Lee, for inspiring such beauty simply by doing what you love.