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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Butterfly Effect: Lee DeWyze style

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world - Chaos Theory


The Butterfly Effect refers to a popular hypothetical example of chaos theory, which illustrates how small initial differences may lead to large unforeseen consequences over time.This post is not about time travel or “chaos” like in the movie, "The Butterfly Effect", but an explanation of how this theory applies to inspiration. How is this relevant you ask? How does this apply to the music of Lee DeWyze? Think about it. This all started with one act. It started when Lee auditioned for American Idol. Technically, it goes back to his friend that talked him into auditioning for American Idol. If that one event had not happened…most of us would not be friends; we would have never met. I might not even be creating art at all. Can you imagine? I went several years without creating anything. In the last 4 years of being inspired by Lee DeWyze, I have created a total of 18 paintings and 223 sketches. All inspired by HIS words & HIS voice. That’s kind of a big deal. Lee’s voice creates a Butterfly Effect of inspiration. When I hear his voice & lyrics, it inspires me to illustrate his story and post the story behind it, then seeing me post something might inspire someone else to do the same and so on and so on… get it? The continuing acts of us inspiring each other builds and builds into what can almost be the fluttering wings of a butterfly.


This post is not going to be about my art. Outside of the title piece, you’ll see none of my stuff today. This is dedicated to all the other Lee DeWyze fans that have been inspired by Lee and his music. There are so many people out there affected by his music… he inspires them to draw, play instruments, sing, write....even get his lyrics as tattoos...The list is long. Obviously his lyrics play a huge part when inspiring his fans, but it’s not just that. It is his delivery of his words, his character… the whole package.


You are about to enter the online gallery I have created to show you how Lee inspires his fans. Halls of picture frames....full of brilliant thoughts, inspirations and other musings from fans inspired by Lee DeWyze. There are so many talented people out there that have been affected by his music and they deserve to be in the spotlight. So many people actually, that I was unable to use ALL the submissions in this post due to the size, however… that just means we’ll be able to do this again! You never know, seeing all this other work might inspire more people. So without further ado, Welcome…….

“You have been created in order that you might make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world.” 
 Andy Andrews, 


 Below each piece, you will find the creator's name and some info: 

Portrait by @Maximized702- this is just one of Max's amazing Lee drawings! He has done several more of Lee , including one with Jonna. 

Portrait by @cristististi – this is just one sketch out of the many creative projects that were inspired by Lee 

Portrait by @ArtByAbigail- Abigaail is an amazing artist that does all kinds of portraits and figure drawings. She actually does commission work! So, if you are interested in any of her work or want something more custom, you can e-mail her at abigailervin@gmail.com

The two pieces above were not submitted, but found by other fans on the Deviant Art site. I made sure the artist’s names were posted on there so it was clear who creates them. These are SOOO amazing and way too good not to share! That bottom one in color? Crazy good! 

Tattoo in progress: @Marekatslp –This is an in progress tattoo inspired by Annabelle, the first song she ever heard that had a life of it's own and she just wanted that feeling with her always.

The two above were submitted by the same person, @Lees_biggestfan. Kelly not only created this amazing picture frame with song lyrics on it, but her “Stay” tattoo represents her favorite song. Lee actually wrote the word on her ankle and the tattoo was done over it.

These two lyrically inspired tattoos belong to @sidewaysSavage. Both are beautiful pieces designed around beautiful lyrics.

This tattoo belongs to @Freecielynn. Set in a beautiful frame to capture the essence of his latest album “Frames” is a message from Lee, with his signature.

The two collages above are by @Jessk2489. Not Only has she created amazing gifts for Lee like this guitar strap, but she has a lyric tattoo, plays guitar covering his songs, and has created a bunch of little Lee DeWyze treasures.

@Jessk2489, @Lees_biggestfan & @Palantineleefan have become super close friends through meeting up at Lee shows, before a show they created this bear dressed like Lee to give him after the show.

@marekatslp-Mare is an amazing writer. She did the visual Album review with me for "Frames". She has often explains how she finds herself again & again in the music. That connection makes her want to write
The two above pieces are portions of a novel that @alloftheabove90 is working on that was inspired by listening to the music. This is the first time she has shown anyone. I can not wait to read the final product!

@Assorted_raisins (instragram)- Sabrina writes and takes photos. She created this “frame” piece to tell you how Lee inspires her

@melissawill1 – is currently learning to play the piano thanks to Lee. I cannot wait to hear her play! Melissa is from Australia and has traveled to L.A to see him perform.

@67grandma – Claire travels all over the US to see Lee play. She is been to 28 shows so far spanning from Boston to L.A. and at 72 years old, does not plan on stopping anytime soon. I love this woman

@Isye8586- Isye is so amazing and sweet. She is so moved by Lee and his music that she traveled to Chicago to see him all the way from Indonesia!

@MissDeterm1ned- above you can read how Lee inspired Jenna who is currently enrolled in a program in Chicago. Lee inspired that journey all the way from Finland.

This is just one of the MANY creations made by @Weyesoxboo. Boo is an inspiring person in her own right, but above you can read how Lee inspires her and her many colorful creations

Click on the link to bring this image to life! 

Another animated creation! Click here: http://ashea.net/DontBeAfraidMaze.gif
These last 3 pieces were submitted by @dewyzefan6 . Follow the links to bring these creations to life. Annie id one of many people that are totally invested in promoting Lee & his music.

Thank you to everyone that has submitted the work above!Everything looks amazing. The stories are very inspiring.
  Due to the amount of submissions I received and hopefully those of you that have been inspired by this, we WILL be doing it again, so stay tuned and  Thank you ALL for all you do for Lee…I can not even begin to list everyone that spends their days requesting songs, spreading the word, etc. You are ALL amazing. I feel so blessed to be able to have gotten to know you all and can’t wait to welcome more into our continually growing circle.

A message to Lee:

 Dear Lee DeWyzeThank you for inspiring us. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us, bringing us together and for not letting the industry change you. Wmay be viewed as crazy fans to people outside of the FamiLee, but I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say that is ok! Through your music, your words… we have all found something special and applied it to our lives…. Each one of us is an artist…...and a writer...and a musician... a friend...a promoter... and most of all a famiLee. All because you made that decision to audition for a reality show. So, Thank you. Thank you So much Lee!


  I highly suggest that if you aren't currently following Lee DeWyze, you do so. Go out and purchase "Frames", I literally listen to it everyday..... 

Below are all the ways you can follow Lee and keep up with what he is doing. If you are lucky enough to be near wherever he might be playing...don't miss it! There is nothing like seeing this man perform live!!! The music is taken to a whole new level when you can SEE the passion behind that voice!!! Never before have I seen or heard someone more meant to make music.Go check him out!!! 

And check this page out also! Another fan creation full of Lee info!!! Fans working together to promote what we love! 


Thank you everyone!!!! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Coming soon!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone.
Thank you to all that submitted work for my secret Inspiration project!
This week I will be sorting through them all and getting them ready for the post, which I plan on publishing on Sept. 1stSo keep checking back!
Things have been a bit quiet on the sketch front lately, but only because of Life happening. I'll have some more art to post within the next week!
Hope you have a great day and do not forget to check back on September 1st to see your work on display!!!!!!
Thank you!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WHY I think you should listen to Lee DeWyze...

Hello everyone. I have a follow up to the last artist's muse post. The story below this sketch will explain it, I just did this tonight and it's called "synergy"

Have you ever had a creative soul mate? Not as in “you are my soul mate I love you lets get married ” kind of way…. But someone you are in sync with on the creative level ... It exists almost everywhere.... I guess a less dramatic name could be synergy. 

Synergy; an abstract concept, is the combination of multiple ingredients producing a result greater than the simple arithmetic summation of the individual components.
For example; flour, water, yeast, and heat yield bread. Or in this case: a songwriters mind, talent , an artist and the passion to bring that music to life. 
(That at least is what I HOPE describes my art...because that IS the point)  

I want to share something with you... I'm not always "on" when it comes to my art, sometimes I am just blocked and it sucks. Like last night, I wanted to create soooo bad, but I just had no drive, no ideas that had me excited, so I drew a flower. When this happens I kind of get in a funk. I don't expect everyone to understand that, but I just get this heaviness in my chest, and almost sad.... But then, outta nowhere... Lee will post something about going to the studio, and that's all it takes..... Just like today's tweet. Seriously, wish I understood it, but I don't..... But knowing that he is in there, creating music...it fuels creativity on an insane level.....the image of this sketch just popped into my head without warning. When this happens, it makes me so happy. 

I read a quote on Pinterest the other night about soul mates. But I didn't interpret it in a romantic manner.... It was almost quite possibly the most accurate thing I've seen that can describe the feeling I get when I listen to Lee's music and when I visualize what I sketch or paint . 

It's like I have a connection to the combination of the lyrics, music and his voice. I almost feel like I've BEEN there, ya know? Hard to explain... But that's exactly what being inspired feels like... I feel the songs, I feel his voice and I just feel comfortable there.... It's instinctual. That's why it's so important to me to explain it to you over & over again because I've never experienced that kind of creative flow before. It's why I'm so passionate about getting the word out about him and his music... It's not fair that the rest of the world can't feel this when they hear his music.... I mean, that talent needs to be HEARD ....by everyone. This is why I paint, this is why I blog about it. Trust me, I do not like to be in the public eye, I'm not doing this for me..... I'm doing this to bring you closer to this amazing music. One of the greatest songwriters I've ever seen. I really do truly believe that. I believe in Lee DeWyze. ....and you will too! 

Hope this brings you one step closer into why I am so inspired. 

Good Night xoxo 

Ps: speaking of connections and synergy...I posted a picture for Throwback Thursday of my Frames painting. A week after I finished, my advance copy of Lee's Frames album came out...and the art on the inside sleeve was freaky close to what I had painted.... I posted this, and Jess K commented...it fit this post do well... I'm adding it. Thank you Jess !!! 

Monday, August 4, 2014

An artist's muse...

John Lennon had Yoko Ono…Salvador Dali had Gala Dali…Frida Kahlo had Diego Rivera…..Their Muses……

A muse is someone who has such an influence on another that he, she or it becomes the focus and inspiration for that person's work. Whether one’s muse is spiritual, an animal or a person, an artist should be indebted to their muse. Without the inspiration, encouragement, numerous day dreams they give the artist, there would be no art, no poems, no music…. Can you imagine? My favorite Muse story is Frida Kahlo’s. haha, it was unusual and quite dysfunctional… but fate at it’s finest. She first saw Diego Rivera, who was already an accomplished artist when he was painting a mural called “Creation” in her school’s auditorium. She would hide in the back and watch him for hours and became fascinated by him. Without going into their whole history (because I can…), after an accident that left her bedridden for a long time, she began painting, and eventually started showing her work to Diego. She admired him, wanted him to tell her she was talented, worthy of her talent... He encouraged her and worked with her. They not only ended up getting married, but they inspired each other. It is a fascinating story. Have you ever seen the movie “Frida”? If not, I suggest you do… it’s amazing. Actually, while watching this movie one day, it inspired me to apply my Lee art to her bold and colorful style. Lee's raw soulful voice and style just lends itself to this vibe. I started it two years ago. It has yet to be finished or titled…. Someday I will….the border is the design from one of his guitar straps, that alone took weeks...
So, a Muse should be celebrated and the story should be told. Maybe your muse will inspire others? Maybe your muse is so amazing it needs to be seen and heard by everyone…..so go listen to Lee DeWyze's album "Frames" ... You'll feel it too, I promise . 
It is no secret that Lee is my muse. I could write a post every single day trying to explain it… but trust me… you still won’t get it. I really really wish I could explain it to you, but I just can’t. If I had a super hero powers...I'd want to be able to make you feel what I felt.... You'd be wowed....
One does not need to be a famous artist to have a muse, nor does there need to be a romantic aspect to the artist and muse equation. An artist’s bond and connection to their muse is exactly that… a connection. Take mine for instance…. I connect to the lyrics, how he puts them to music, when he performs them...the sound of his voice...it’s almost like the music is a security blanket, it’s comforting. There’s this invisible pull his music has on me…that’s the best way to describe it. Like, if I hear a song… or even think of a song… it’s almost this overwhelming & heavy sense of relief if that makes sense. It’s comfort, happiness and pride. As a fan, I am so proud to hear his music evolve exactly the way he wants to…. Being someone to also creates….. it’s an amazing feeling … so I get it…It makes not only my heart and ears happy… but I am happy for him as well…. Ya know? I guess I should stop here though because I can probably write an entire book about it and still not describe the feeling that makes Lee my muse…..
I’m no where near as great as all of those famous artists listed above and I never will be…. But it’s legit. It’s original work that is genuinely inspired by an amazing songwriter… no fillers….. just pure awe. I did a sketch a while back that best shows you that comfort and contentment  I was talking about...you know when you see the pictures of artists with their muses? This is my version of that... And my favorite sketch out of all of them with a fitting quote...
To you this might be just two people sitting on a sofa...or a fangirl listening to her favorite singer... But it's supposed to represent a performing artist creating the music that inspires the creation of my art...and hopefully that art inspires others...and so on...and so on.... This sketch represents happiness and contentment ...and a continues circle of inspiration. I hope you can see that... 

Now I'm going to watch Frida now...thank you for reading!  
Have a good night! 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Top secret and I need your help!

Hi! I have an idea and I need your help! 

I know for a FACT that I am not the only one inspired by the music & lyrics of Lee DeWyze..... Are you an artist that had created Lee Art? You don't have to be an artist to be inspired or create something! Have you learned how to play an instrument because of him? Got a lyric inspired Tattoo? Do you write? If you would like to be a part of a top secret special project, please send me a private message on the FB page (Jenn am Harding Art ) twitter ( @jennmharding )  etc. Send me a message and I'll give you more details into what I'm looking for. 

There is a deadline to contact me and submit your work!!!
I'd like to have everything by AUGUST 15th

Hope to hear from you soon!!! Remember, contact me for the details :-)