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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"The Ride" , a new song

Hello Again...I'm Still Here, Still Painting....
I have done about 4-5 Lee Inspired paintings since my last post, However before I get to those I'd like to show you one that is by FAR my favorite so far. As I have told you many times, I have met the most amazing people throughout this journey & I am about to introduce you to one below. Of course we all know that my work is inspired by the music & lyrics of Lee DeWyze, but this most recent piece is also inspired by another fan... whaaaaat?? It's no secret that outside encouragement can be just as inspiring as the Muse it's self.

Lee has been traveling lately doing some shows to Promote his new album "Frames" - which will be out on August 20th!!!!! Pre-Order it here: http://leedewyze.spinshop.com/  You have to buy this album... every song is pure perfection. (seriously, that's why I have not blogged, before I can finish a painting, he writes a new one that inspires me to the point of having to paint right away!)

Let's get to the point, This new Song "The Ride" is incredible. I will not tell you about it though... I will let my friend Mare tell you about it in her words. this painting was a collaboration of the two of us. First Thing first, you have Listen to "The Ride" here (courtesy of Kelly (@Lees_BiggestFan) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzAV_6JGLQk

 Then read the post by Mare (@MareKatslp )  below, ... enjoy!

The idea for this painting came the morning after I saw Lee sing “The Ride” for the first time....right in front of me, in Asheville, NC. It was the first time I’d heard the song and I had an immediate physical reaction to it. I wanted to live INSIDE the song. I felt the music crawl up my skin, make my heart pound..... and as it was giving me chills, suddenly the room fell away. I heard the music, I heard the words, but I was no longer watching the person in front of me sing. Instead, a song turned into a story that I fell into... with my own images, my own feelings.... That is truly when you get “lost” in a song. I knew, after hearing it just once, that my reaction to the song, the world it created for me, and the way I could let go and get lost in it..... HAD to come to life.

I contacted my friend Jenn the next day. We had spoken about her art and Lee’s music many times in the past. I always felt that what she painted is how I would explain Lee’s music visually. She makes his songs into pictures.... The entire vibe and feeling of a song in front of me VISUALLY. I was so affected by The Ride, that I knew I had to ask her if she would paint the song.... Her response was: “What if I paint what YOU see? Describe it to me, everything you see and feel about the song and I’ll make it real...”.... I wasn’t sure how that would work....

That night, I sat down to write a short hand of what that song looked like in my mind. Here are the exact words I sent to Jenn:

“The scene is smokey to me, fiery, it burns. Reds, black details, sepia tones, not clear, more like you're looking thru smoke except maybe one detail that's in focus. It almost reminds me of 1920's prohibition basement music with sexual tension, withheld aggression, a warning, but chill vibe all in one.

A few visuals: that new mic with a hand holding it, maybe to the forearm to see a tattoo to know its him, and lips to the mic.

I also see him writing this song.... paper and pencil on an empty stage, with lights above shining down.

It also creates a sexual kind of pic.... I see two people up against the wall in a kind of struggle.... Arms pinned. But even though I see the whole pic, on a canvas, I can only see the couples arms in an aggressive hold.

I see SO many different pictures, but the FEEL of it is always the same....”

The next morning, Jenn had read what I wrote, and the amazing thing is..... She had seen the same visuals. She knew EXACTLY where I was going, and from that point on, we collaborated on the picture, the art, of The Ride.

The more talks we had, and the further the painting evolved and became what it is, the further inspired I became. Someone could take my feelings, my reactions, my imaginings.... and transfer them to canvas. When you really “listen” to a song that affects you, it becomes more than notes and words. It takes on a life of its own. Suddenly, the song has texture, it has color, it has shades, a vibe, a feeling.... it creates a snapshot of the world you got lost in for those few minutes. 

It takes a circle of inspiration to create something like this. A musician that writes a song from his heart and performs it so well that you get lost in a story..... An artist that is so in tune with that music that she can create a visual.... And a fan that was so affected, that the song had to become “real”.... through nothing other than words....

“The Ride” 

I don’t break apart so easily...
Maybe you would like to try.
But I’m the one who waited carefully...
Thinkin’ I would take my time.

But you knew better than I....
Somewhere buried underneath the lights...
You wait.... You wait.... You’d wait and you’d see...
The time it takes to bend someones knees...
And who, who knew better than you?
No no no, no no no, no no no, no 
Who knew better than you?

Hold on tight, the ride has just begun...
If you care to come along.
Cause being right for you was too much fun...
And being right for me was wrong.

But you knew better than I.....
Somewhere buried, somewhere buried, underneath the lights.
You wait... You wait.... You’d wait and you’d see...
The time it takes to bend someones knees.
And who.... Oh who knew better than you?
Knew better.... Knew better..... Knew better than you?
Who knew better than you? Who knew? Who knew better than you?
Who knew better? Who knew better? Who knew better..... than you?


  1. Love this!!!! Awesome work! Ha ,made me think of fifty shades of grey! This song should be in the movie !!!

  2. I love this Jenn! This song immediately affected me in the same way too! I saw it first on the StageIt show & told my hubby...that's a sexy song. What a great description by Mare & painting by you! Kudos to both of you!
    Susan...aka megadewyzefan