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Monday, September 30, 2013

A new approach...

Hello everyone, I am going to take a new approach to explaining my paintings and their inspiration. In my last post for “The Ride” with Mare (@marekatslp), she had said, “It takes a circle of inspiration to create something like this. A Musician that writes a song from his heart and performs it so well that you get lost in a story…An artist that is so in tune with that music that she can create a visual…and a fan that was so affected, that the song had to become “real”…through nothing other than words…”
I absolutely LOVE that… you have no idea how accurate and inspiring that quote is all in itself…. It’s true…  So true in fact, that I have decided to do this for all my posts… give you those different view points of how the song, the words, the picture…. How it reaches even more people. That circle continues to grow and it’s amazing to watch.
I’ll be continuing my art journey with you by not only showing you my art, explaining the inspiration behind it, the song that inspired it…. But I am also going to be sharing with you the view point of a fellow Lee DeWyze fan, who knows the music, understands the lyrics, and the feeling that songs gives.
When you give a visual to someone’s words, it builds a bridge for those words to reach even more people. Even though I find it hard to believe that there are people in the world that do not like music or art… there are, or they might like one or the other but they just do not “get it”
I sit hear, telling you how much Lee’s music & lyrics mean to me and some people just can not understand that… I get it. But you bring in someone like Mare, who is a phenomenal writer… to tell you the “story” of how my art connects to the music- you gain the attention of the people who needed that “explanation”.
Then there are the people that are visual…they need to see the big picture. This is where what I do pulls those people in. A great song obviously reaches the fans of that musician and other’s that love music in general… but then when you add a picture to those words… you are reaching fellow visual artists who know what it feels like to be inspired- so they will listen to the music to be able to hear what inspired someone to paint it. Without going on and on, you see my point?
The last post for “The Ride” made our circle bigger. I rec’d several e-mails from other visual artists that never heard Lee’s music… but they have now and they love it. (How awesome is that!)
Well, I am about to take that a step further…. I’m going to let you HEAR the song… I’m going to let you SEE how that song makes me feel… I’m going to share the thoughts of that “collaboration’ from the view point of someone that loves the art and the music…. But I am also going to introduce you to my sister, Danielle Mazzo. She is going to give her point of view as a person not familiar with the music or Lee himself… and explain how the ART affects her. I’m pretty excited about it.
I have a few paintings I will be posting within the next few weeks. After those are posted, I’ll be getting into Lee’s new Album “Frames”. This album is pure perfection and I have a painting for just about every track. I am so excited to share my review of this album though my eyes… literally… have you ever read an album review song by song like a picture book? I’m sure you have not... but I promise you’ll be amazed. Stay tuned….. It’s going to be awesome.

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