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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dear Lee DeWyze & FamiLee:

I'm Happy Thanksgiving ! 

Lee, I want to take this time to let you know how Thankful I am to you for sharing your gift with us. 
Thank you for inspiring me and bringing out this love of creating that I have never had before. 
Thank you for creating a soundtrack for my life
Thank you for bringing so many amazing people into my life, I cannot imagine a single day without them. 

I also want to Thank the entire FamiLee…Thank you for welcoming me into your group the way you did…. Making traveling for shows fun and getting excited about my art and encouraging me to create more. You are all amazing!!!! 
With today being Thanksgiving and everyone posting what they are thankful for and with the upcoming Holiday wishes coming up…. I have one for you…. I would love nothing more than for this fandom to get back to where we were… all working as one to promote and encourage Lee. “Pass the peas..” remember??  I know everyone is busy, trust me…. but I miss that. I miss when no one competed for attention or who is the biggest fan and who goes to the most shows or RT’s the most for radio play…. I think he has made himself so accessible to us that we take it for granted now. He is busy making his dreams come true and balancing a home life with Jonna as well ( also, thank you Jonna for your encouragement and being his Rock & inspiration ) 
We know he appreciates all of us but there is no way he can make time for us ALL the time. lol, heck when I get to sit down and check twitter, I am sometimes way too tired to get into conversations. Grown up life is hectic…. We all know that. Imagine how He feels.... He may seem quiet sometimes.. But I'm sure it's only because he is working so hard on his music which we all are excited for right? 
I want us to get back to making this about LEE… welcoming new fans, spreading the word and love of his music. He has a new album coming out soon, so now is the perfect time to come back together! I watched the AMA’s the other night and um… not to be bias, but Lee is way better than anyone on there and next year he could be up there. He deserves it!  
A friend found the most perfect quote:

“Music has a great power for bringing people together. With other forces in this world acting to drive wedges between people, it’s important to preserve those things that help us experience our common humanity.” – Ted Turner, Turner Broadcasting System

Happy Holidays Everyone!!! 
Much love ❤️