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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WHY I think you should listen to Lee DeWyze...

Hello everyone. I have a follow up to the last artist's muse post. The story below this sketch will explain it, I just did this tonight and it's called "synergy"

Have you ever had a creative soul mate? Not as in “you are my soul mate I love you lets get married ” kind of way…. But someone you are in sync with on the creative level ... It exists almost everywhere.... I guess a less dramatic name could be synergy. 

Synergy; an abstract concept, is the combination of multiple ingredients producing a result greater than the simple arithmetic summation of the individual components.
For example; flour, water, yeast, and heat yield bread. Or in this case: a songwriters mind, talent , an artist and the passion to bring that music to life. 
(That at least is what I HOPE describes my art...because that IS the point)  

I want to share something with you... I'm not always "on" when it comes to my art, sometimes I am just blocked and it sucks. Like last night, I wanted to create soooo bad, but I just had no drive, no ideas that had me excited, so I drew a flower. When this happens I kind of get in a funk. I don't expect everyone to understand that, but I just get this heaviness in my chest, and almost sad.... But then, outta nowhere... Lee will post something about going to the studio, and that's all it takes..... Just like today's tweet. Seriously, wish I understood it, but I don't..... But knowing that he is in there, creating music...it fuels creativity on an insane level.....the image of this sketch just popped into my head without warning. When this happens, it makes me so happy. 

I read a quote on Pinterest the other night about soul mates. But I didn't interpret it in a romantic manner.... It was almost quite possibly the most accurate thing I've seen that can describe the feeling I get when I listen to Lee's music and when I visualize what I sketch or paint . 

It's like I have a connection to the combination of the lyrics, music and his voice. I almost feel like I've BEEN there, ya know? Hard to explain... But that's exactly what being inspired feels like... I feel the songs, I feel his voice and I just feel comfortable there.... It's instinctual. That's why it's so important to me to explain it to you over & over again because I've never experienced that kind of creative flow before. It's why I'm so passionate about getting the word out about him and his music... It's not fair that the rest of the world can't feel this when they hear his music.... I mean, that talent needs to be HEARD ....by everyone. This is why I paint, this is why I blog about it. Trust me, I do not like to be in the public eye, I'm not doing this for me..... I'm doing this to bring you closer to this amazing music. One of the greatest songwriters I've ever seen. I really do truly believe that. I believe in Lee DeWyze. ....and you will too! 

Hope this brings you one step closer into why I am so inspired. 

Good Night xoxo 

Ps: speaking of connections and synergy...I posted a picture for Throwback Thursday of my Frames painting. A week after I finished, my advance copy of Lee's Frames album came out...and the art on the inside sleeve was freaky close to what I had painted.... I posted this, and Jess K commented...it fit this post do well... I'm adding it. Thank you Jess !!! 

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