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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sharing my story with Children

Last night I had my very first public speaking event!
 After the article in Reading Eagle I was contacted by St. John's Lutheran Church. They have a Vacation Bible school & the children spent their summer collecting food for the Wilson Food Pantry (affiliated with the Greater Food Bank & Feeding America) and learning the importance of helping others. Last night was their closing ceremony and they asked me to come in and speak to the children. They had a little show, sang songs and talked about everything they learned. 

  I was very nervous, but I did well and I think the children enjoyed it. I got some ohh's and ahh's from a lot of the children up front that made me feel pretty good. 

I do have some more speaking events in September, but now I know what to expect :-) 

Thank you everyone that came out tonight! 

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