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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Rewarding Day....

Today was a great Day.
We drove to Baltimore, MD to be apart of something pretty special...
First, had some great family time at the Port Discovery at the Harbor: http://www.portdiscovery.org/  It was so much fun with lots to do!

Then, I met up with the wonderful people of the Baltimore Art & Music Project . They asked me to be a part of their cause of spreading the gift of art & music. It was the most rewarding and humbling day. I was able to spend time at a homeless shelter; with both individuals as well as full families living at the facility. I spoke about my Lee series of paintings and the inspiration I achieve through his music. They looked over the paintings, as each one of the songs that inspired them played. One little boy loved the music so much, I gave him the cd (See...Lee's music makes people so happy!)  The plan was to get them inspired to create their own art. Everyone was given their own t-shirts and art supplies to create a shirt. 

Due to the privacy issues, photos are unavailable. but all the shirts came out great!!!! Pictures of the shirts were taken and when available, I will post them. There was a huge turn out and everyone seemed had a terrific time. I want to thank The Baltimore Art & Music Project for asking me to be a part of today. I really can not describe how good it feels to spread the inspiration that I feel through music and its impact on my art, particularly, to Lee's music. It seems quite basic but simple things such as art and music and gave a lasting impact. Even helping some of the little ones out by drawing a simple cartoon dog on their shirt brought smiles to their faces. It is very humbling and makes you realize just how good you have it. This whole thing started with me wanting to donate the sales of my T-shirts to the food bank, but now....Seeing and spending time with the people that will be benefit... WOW. That is all I can say. It feels good and I hope that what I am doing inspires others.  PAY IT FORWARD, you will not regret it :-)  Please check out The Baltimore Art & Music Project here----> http://www.baltimoreamp.com/  or clicking ob their name above. They have a lot of community activities. The Next one, Zombies in the Park, looks like so much fun!!!!!

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