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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finally!!!!! .....

So, how many times have I babbled on and on trying to find the perfect words to describe how I feel when I create? How I have this comforting NEED to transform Lee DeWyze’s  music & lyrics into pictures…? Lots, right? Well guess what?
As I am sure most of you do, when I get up and let the dog out first thing in the morning, I lay on the sofa and check all my phone statuses, etc like it was the morning paper. This morning I was scrolling through Pinterest and found the most PERFECT quote I have ever read in my life! It is EXACTLY the words I have searched so hard for to get across to you. Well… those lost words are This… it is sheer perfection:
Now, don’t get all weird on me… this is strictly from a creative standpoint. So settle down. It just explains exactly how I feel… sometimes you are just meant to do something and meant to meet people. Everyone you meet has something to teach you. And it isn’t JUST Lee, although yes, I am basing this almost entirely on the fact that any inspiration or need to create I have ever had, has been dormant until I discovered his music… But also it opened the doors to meeting other inspirational people in my life… Like Mare- who let’s me run my ideas by her as they come to me. The amount of inspired enthusiasm I get in her feedback is JUST as important as what Lee does for me…. Or this whole thing brought my sister and I close together…And everyone else I met via Lee’s music and Twitter…It’s a giant circle… seriously. Mark is even a part of it. I have an amazing husband that sits there everyday watching me be inspired by someone, listening to only Lee in the car and throughout it all- being encouraging…and if I haven’t met Mark-I’d never know Brittany- who is the one that told me about Lee’s twitter account and got me all set up AND was the subject of my VERY first Lee inspired painting; “Flower Child” …  it has opened all kinds of doors… I am the most creative and inspired right now than I have ever been in my life… and ultimately… it falls back on Music… Lee’s Music…  Can you imagine when the rest of the world catches on to his amazingness? The world will be one happy place. All things happen for a reason and I truly believe that.
Now, you are asking about the paintings? I have not given up… Just have not had the time to get everything out and paint…but I will, soon. I have though been keeping up with my New Year’s resolution of a sketch a day for 2014, as I can do that anywhere. And I have! Here are a few of those to hold you over….

 ***I HAVE however, created a sketch for Lee’s new song “Again” and I am pretty excited about this painting! I’ll probably start that as soon as “Stay Away” is finished. Stay tuned………………….

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