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Thursday, November 6, 2014

EXCITING NEWS & Making art permanent..

Hello everyone,
So Remember that time when Lee DeWyze & Andrew Michael Golden wrote, directed and shot the music video for Lee's single "Fight"?!?! Well it won "Best Music Video" at the LA Indie Film Fest 2014!!!!! Congrats! Very exciting! The  crochet dolls of Lee & Jonna were created by Leesasaur, you can see her other work here: http://www.leesasaur.com/p/abouts.html?m=1 

Ok, had to get that out, woke up to that news! Very exciting! Now back to my original post:

Just stopping by to say hello and give you a few updates because I have realized that it’s been forever since my last post. Hopefully you noticed that I have not been posting and it’s more “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and not “out of sight, out of mind”…. There is always a thin line there... 

Between my son and my husband’s bike stuff, traveling and work, I have had no time to sketch. Hopefully things slow down soon and I start having that time back again. I get into a funk when I feel rushed and can not create. I guess it’s good that I am having a little break now because we all know Lee is busy in the studio making new music and as soon as we can hear it…. My mind will flood with images.  Words can not describe how excited I am to hear what he has been working on.
On instagram he posted a little clip and just that few seconds sounds amazing.
You can see the short video clip here: http://instagram.com/p/uqruG6lQog/
I am loving the vibe that comes with that little sample.
As for the updates: I finally got my new tattoo!

 For the last 3 years I have been thinking about the perfect tattoo to get to incorporate my art & Lee’s music into the perfect design. I have 6 other tattoos that are thankfully hidden because in the past I never put too much thought into them. They were  just what I liked at the time, which is why it took me 3 years to decide on this one.
Ever since the first time I heard “Hummingbird” (aka Lullaby), I knew I wanted it to be a hummingbird. The problem was, I was not happy with any of my own designs. The other issue was I wanted to incorporate the art & music thing, without having it holding a paintbrush in it's mouth or actual lyrics on it because I like things super simple, especially for something that I’ll have the rest of my life, ya know?
I finally got a design that a friend drew up for me (Thank you Liz!),  it was exactly how I pictured it, simple and “sketchy” looking. So now, how do we incorporate the meaning and why it’s so important to me? Braille! It’s very hard to see if you do not know to look for it, but there were “shading” dots on the head when Liz drew it up, so I looked up the word “Muse” on Braille and replaced those random dots with the word “Muse”.  I was pretty excited about this detail and the meaning, because as we all know, Lee DeWyze is definitely my muse. I know for a fact that I could not create without him.
My other plan was to have it in white ink, but there aren’t very many shops that will do a white ink tattoo due to how quickly they fade, etc. So I decided that I wanted just the sketched outline, in a sepia tone. I wanted it to look almost like a scar from being branded.
I found a shop while we were in Kentucky the other week and let me tell you…. Even on the phone talking about my idea, they had the best customer service and attitudes I’ve ever seen in a tattoo shop. I was very impressed and I highly recommend them! It’s Called “Tattoo Charlies” my tattoo was done by Joel.
Joel had to mix up a sepia color, in the little cup and it was the perfect shade, but on my wrist it’s more orange. Although it’s not the color I really wanted, I am still happy with it. It’s subtle, meaningful and it's  totally my style.
As for art in general, I have started a commissioned piece for a dear friend. It’s only in the beginning stages, but it is coming along nicely I think.
I hope to have this completed by next weekend!
Also, Before I forget… to everyone seeing Lee in Indiana tonight, Chicago tomorrow or better yet…both…. Have a great time! I wish I was there!
Have a good day everyone!!!!

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  1. Thanks for all the info, Jenn. Glad you found your perfect tattoo! As we know, good things are worth waiting for. Your creativity and artistic talent are amazing. Don't know how you fit it all in, but you do