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Friday, January 30, 2015

It all started here....

Ok, so I was listening to my ipod on shuffle today and I keep hearing Lee's version of "The Boxer". I get serious Goosebumps and all kinds of emotions when I hear this version of this song for a few reasons:

 1) it’s the first song that Lee did on Idol that actually made my heart skip a beat and physically affect me ( it still does) it's the perfect balance of his voice, the arrangement & the lyrics that just put this spell on me. It actually touched my soul. Simon & Garfunkel are amazing songwriters, but I truly believe Lee made this song his own and there's no other way to listen than with his voice. Lee's voice is just so beautifully masculine.. It tells that particular story better for me. I FEEL it. I BELIEVE it.

2) It was this song I was listening to when I had the very first URGE to paint from his voice… a strong one. My original intent was for that first painting to be for "the boxer" but I could never get the sketch to look right….trust me... I tried. I did sketch after sketch and threw them all away. None of them showed you exactly what I wanted them to.

I decided to resurrect this project because the feeling I first got from this song not only still exists...it's a million times stronger.  

When I hear it now,  I get all those feelings, but then I get this overwhelming  feeling of happy because back then...I hadn't seen him live yet, I hadn't met him yet, I didn't have twitter, I hadn't done a single sketch....and to think of how far I've come? 12 live shows later, over 300 images I've created inspired solely by that voice....I'm truly amazed. Not to mention the incredible people I've met... I couldn't ask for more. 

I put so much of myself into this art from the very beginning because I've been truly inspired by this amazing talented musician. 

...that's all... I just felt like sharing .... 

Hope everyone has a great weekend 


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