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Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Lee DeWyze!!

Today’s sketch is a Birthday gift to Lee. Happy Birthday!!!!!!


Lee, I saw this picture of your grandfather posted by Mike and wanted to sketch it so that you and your family had something amazing to remember him by. When you have something that kickass in your family tree… you’re gonna want to cherish it. Happy Birthday, I hope you love it!


Did you guys know that Lee’s grandfather was a relief pitcher for the Phillies in the 1940’s?

Mike DeWyze, Lee’s brother posted a picture back in the beginning of March and I was absolutely fascinated by it. I LOVE old vintage pictures and baseball… so I asked if he’d mind if I sketched it. I have to tell you, this turned out to be by far, my favorite out of anything I’ve ever done… so Lee, I hope you like it and I hope you have an amazing day! Happy Birthday!


** Isn’t it insane how much Lee looked like him???


I am so honored to have been able to do this sketch for so many reasons. Obviously first and foremost, I’m honored that I was able to capture something so special for the DeWyze family. I mean, it’s an amazing picture and how awesome is it to say that your grandfather played in the MLB… for the Phillies even? (if you haven’t noticed by now, I am a huge baseball fan and have always been a devoted, loyal Phillies fan…even on bad days!)


This is also special to me though for a few reasons… I love to be able to do something that makes others happy, especially for Lee,who’s music & inspiration helped me find "me" again. I finally have an outlet & purpose for my talent and that is pretty awesome. I can honestly say that, having the ability to create art pretty much meant nothing to me until now, and people "get it"... It's an amazing feeling. 

For those of you that know me…you know that themost important things I hold dearest to my heart are my family,my art/inspiration, Lee’s music, horror movies and the Phillies…. So far… because of Lee, I have been able to incorporate all of these things at one point into my art. As you have seen in past posts about my relationship with my grandmother, she was my best friend, mother and roommate…however, my grandfather passed away when I was in 7th grade, and let me just tell you… there are no words to describe the relationship I had with him. Think about how much you love the most special and important person in your life and multiplythat by a million that is how much I loved my pop-pop.

I was a tomboy, we bonded over Phillies baseball…. That was our thing. At one point, I was able to tell you every stat of every player… I was known to all his friends as “Charlie’s girl”, he practically took me home from the hospital when I was born and just never gave me back. Lol. I love him with all my heart….. So doing this portrait of Lee’s grandfather just brought back so many memories and feelings. If he were alive today for me to show him this and then to hear how it ties in with something that has been such a huge inspiration to me…he would be beyond excited and proud. He was extremely proud of my artistic ability back then and my baseball knowledge lol. …It’s kind of fascinating to think that being the fan he was… my grandfather probably knew who Deacon Donahue was. Smallworld, huh? Again… the circle of inspiration emerges and it ALWAYS starts with Lee… just say’in…ALWAYS.


So enough about my reasons for wanting to draw this…. This is for Lee, Mike and the rest of their family to have as a keepsake. Thank you for inspiring me, Thank you for being an amazing person and by being so supportive & appreciative of what I do…seeing your excitementwhen you look at the art is probably the best feedback I could ever ask for.

        Again, Happy Birthday Lee!!!!





  1. What can I say, Jenn? This is an amazing gift to Lee & his family. I am sure it touched all of their hearts. You are so fortunate to have the talent to express your dedication to Lee in this amazing way. I can tell that this was a very special project for you and it shows. Kudos.

  2. Wow Jenn! What a great picture! I love your post. I love that Lee's music, and I quote, "Helped me find "me" again". You have such an amazing artistic talent and I am so happy that Lee's music has brought such inspiration. I just remember him saying at Rams Head something about he just can't believe that YOU don't think that you are that talented after you gave him some prints. In reading this blog post I feel that you are finally embracing the talent that you have and many of us have been telling you that you have. I am sure that Lee (and family) will be blown away with this picture of his grandfather!

  3. Lovely, Jenn! What a sweet and touching thing to create for Lee and his family. They will enjoy it for years to come. I can tell you loved creating this, it really comes through--you are talented, lady ;) ! So many beautiful interconnections here and it's neat to think that you probably have a connection here that goes back to the 40s. In a way it's also a it's lovely tribute to your own grandfather as well.
    Very nice. Peace!