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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Creativity jail , being a grown up and the purples....

…This may sound dramatic, but this is how I feel when I have the need to create, and I can’t. Why can’t I ,you ask? Well, according to the above, I guess I have the blues also.
Which makes me purple? Yes...I have a case of the Purples….
I have decided that I’m not really digging this whole being an adult thing. I mean, how does one get everything they need to get done in a day…done?
In the past week or so, I’m afraid I do not have any art to share with you…
As you all know, I am a mountain biker’s wife and a BMX mom… so ‘tis the season of traveling to races, some days we do a race then get right in the van and drive an hour to the next one… I basically live the life of a rock star, expect we do not get paid… we actually have to pay to do it. lol.
Anyway, I did get the sketchbook for this reason and I will be taking it with me to sketch when I can. However, on top of this traveling I need  to get house stuff done, I have a huge project for work where I am getting to use my own art (this is kind of exciting...but very time consuming ), have to get my regular work stuff done AND I have noticed lately that I have not used any of my time to work on ME. so I’ll be taking a little break to do that….. Trust me…. I NEED to….
Actually, when it came down to dividing my time I have always had the same issue…. In the little amount of time I can put aside for me…. I always had to decide if I wanted to use that time to work on my art OR exercise… After a little trip to my sister’s house last week, and taking a “before” picture for a fitness challenge I am starting…. The picture pretty much decided my fate… lol. I definitely need to take a short break to create ME, and then get back into the art…. The thing that sucks though? …to actually be sad and grossed out over you own image hurts like hell, but for me…. So does not having the time to get all the inspired images out of my head to where you can see them too…actually, on my way to work this morning I was listening to "A song I wrote for you" and had an amazing idea ... But I know that today there will be NO time. That kills me. Like, for real... 
A co worker's solution for me was "stop listening to Lee then, then you won't get ideas.." Um yeah sure... How about you hold your breath for several days... Lol cause that's the same thing!!! Lol no way can I do that.... It's kinda essential. 
So… Last night I started an intense workout program with my husband and his friend and it will last for the next 90 days…. I will still be sketching and hopefully painting… just not nearly as much…which seriously, the thought makes me so sad.... When you have to hold things like emotions, ideas, etc in... It's hard.... 
I’m asking that you do not forget about the art and blog because I will not be posting everyday or so… I promise though I WILL still be posting and sharing my ideas with ya.

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  1. I feel your pain Jenn! I'm 60 & I don't like the grown up thing much either! Lol! ��