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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I wrote below that someone would be DANCING to "Open your Eyes", however it was used during the back story of one of the contestants . My apologies :-) but of course it was beautiful and was the perfect soundtrack for such a personal story. 
*************************************************Hello everyone!
Did you know that on tonight’s episode of “So you think you can dance”, Season 11,8:00pm on Fox, someone will be dancing to Lee’s “Open your eyes”?!?!?!
Make sure you tune in! I do not normally watch the show, but I will be tonight. (I could go into a rant here on why I do not support anything that involves Nigel Lythgoe; however that is not my style. I will never publically bash something or someone, especially when it can be traced back to me being a Lee fan. We are just as responsible for his public image as he is, so I will not…but you all know what I’m thinking)
That being said, I will be tuned in to hear how another artist interprets his song through their dance. It’s like what I do with my paintings, except they are using their bodies. Exciting!
ANYWAY…back to “Open Your Eyes”; the song is hauntingly beautiful & INSANELY relatable. I’ve said this before, but this song would fit perfectly into a movie scene where the main character is reflecting back on things and having a major epiphany. If you have not heard this song before… 1) shame on you… 2) Give it a listen... you’ll understand exactly what I am talking about and you’ll start reflecting on things too….
It’s funny that we should hear about this now because I have been working out the details in my head for a special sketch for that song. Freaky, right?  Anyway, back in high school, we did a few projects where we did portraits using motifs to create the shadows and details. It was actually one of my favorites; I loved it so much that I did my big senior portrait in that style. I will have to find that and hopefully post at the end of this post. 
My plan for this “Open Your Eyes” piece is to do an eye portrait using nothing but the song lyrics and other tiny music/ art related images. Confused yet? Below is a picture of a portrait of M.C. Escher with a few up close pictures.

This one is more designs and shapes, not so much words. My Self portrait was mostly words. The shirt was made up of my friends and their likes.... This give you an idea of where I'm going with "open your eyes".... 

Anyway, I do not usually tell you about my ideas before I have them at least sketched out; however I am pretty excited about this one… I hope I remember how to do it! Stay tuned! I have lots of cool stuff coming up. This one, I am turning the skull illusion sketch into a painting... Can't wait! 
Oh, and do not forget to watch So you think you can dance tonight on Fox at 8:00pm!!!!!!
Until Later……


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  2. I love Open Your Eyes. It's so beautiful it really speaks to you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgHRuWahsHM Lee's such an inspiration to all of us and it really shows in your words & stories here (thanks Jenn & Mare) and in the beautiful illustrations you do. .