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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Some things you may not know about me...

Hello Everyone!
I just started my 2nd sketchbook of 2014 and was thinking I want keep you more in the loop because I plan on doing a lot more with this one.  A lot more Lee inspired ones…..Especially if we start hearing some new music soon.

I decided to make this post about me …Why you ask? Maybe if you get to know “me” better, you’ll have a better insight as to what it takes to inspire me and why I choose the images I do for my paintings and sketches…  Let’s start with some things you DO know:
  • My husband & son ride bikes. Like, all the time…. So if I am not sketching, I am on the road for races (BMX, Mountain bike & Cyclocross) we basically live the life of rock stars on the road. Busy Busy Busy... But I love them with all my heart and that is what we do. This is why I have not done a painting in a while…it’s easier just to pack my sketch book and take it with. I do miss painting though, so hopefully I get more time for that soon.
  • I was raised by my grandmother. (But did you know that I miss her so much that when I hear Miranda Lambert’s “The House that built me” I pretty much retreat to myself in order not to have a total melt down? That song is my life…and Owen’s summer camp is right across the street to that house, so I see it everyday and just wish I could go inside to see what they’ve done to it.
  • 99.9% of my art work is inspired by the music & lyrics of Lee DeWyze, I can not stress enough though that before Lee, I have never been INSPIRED to create, didn’t even know what being inspired felt like.  I mean, outside of the occasional warm fuzzy tingles you get while listening to some main character’s inspiring speech in a movie…. Nada…. How crazy is that? I never sit down and TRY to think of what I am going to draw for certain lyrics. They always come into my head at random times. I can be super busy at work listening to music while I’m typing away and an idea will come to me so quick I have to stop what I am doing and write it down. (at any time you will find me with lots of post it notes with descriptions, ideas and doodles on it so I do not forget)  Nothing has ever flowed that naturally for me… like, ever…. I have had a few “almost inspired” moments though… One of my all time favorite visual artists is Francesco Clemente. He is an Italian artist that did all the art work for the movie “Great Expectations”.  In the movie, they want you to think Ethan Hawke did them, lol, I promise you he did not. When you initially look at his work… it looks messy and makes you almost think “well I can do that”… but there is just something about them that I love. For as simple as they are… there is soul in there…. The eyes are not detailed at all… but can SEE into them… I love that. I guess you can say that movie inspired me a little bit because whenever I watch it, I’d get the urge to draw… but I never would follow through because I didn’t know WHAT I wanted to draw. ….
  • I’m obsessed with scary movies! All kinds! There are very few that can “scare” me. I do have a special place in my heart for Cheesy “B” movies…. The tackier the better in my opinion. However, I do not like Alien movies (with the exception of “Alien”) …
Now, I’m going to share some things about me that you probably do not know. However I won’t tell you everything…Heck, I myself don’t even know…. I learn something new about myself everyday lately. …
10 Jenn-isms…..
  1. I will not embark on any road trip no matter how short, without a play list made special for that particular trip. Everyone that has been in a car with me knows this. And I ALWAYS randomly throw in a fun/ cheesy song in there to make people laugh.
  2. I am deathly afraid of natural disasters. Seriously, I could be chased by a serial killer and not be nearly as afraid as if I was in a tiny earthquake… Any where I am, you can be sure I already thought of where to go if there was an emergency. Lol (for real) …
  3. Growing up I was a swimmer and soft ball player. I LOVE the water and I LOVE baseball….
  4. My favorite job ever was a lifeguard and pool manager. I loved everything about it… even having to clean the nasty filter baskets.
  5. I can accurately recite every single line to every character in all of the SCREAM movies. …
  6. I can impersonate  Forrest Gump perfectly
  7. My favorite band, before Lee came along was LIVE. (however anyone that knows me at all knew this already)
  8. I skipped 5th grade
  9. When I was 6, my mom pretty much traumatized me with a werewolf mask and the movie American werewolf in London (probably while movies do not scare me) Anyway, a week later  my hamster bit me on my pinky and I was convinced it was going to turn me into a werewolf …
  10. The ONLY TWO scary movie people  that have EVER successfully scared me are:
  • Zelda- The sister from “Pet cemetery”
  • The girl with no mouth in the Twilight zone movie 
 .....scary as hell, right?! 

Well, that's all for now...I have a couple more posts coming up as I get back into my groove, so check back soon! 


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