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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Supporting what you love and Familee Connections.

*a sample of my latest sketches 

Hi everyone! 
So, I have a question for you all: 

How do you support what you love? Why do you love it?

*Obviously I love my family, they love bikes so I travel with them to watch them race every weekend.

* I love music, in particular, I love the music, lyrics and voice of Lee DeWyze. This is not shocker, as I'm sure you know this by now.

You know that his hauntingly beautiful & raw voice and amazing lyrics inspire me to create art. I do it because I love it, because I feel it, but I also do it in hopes that it helps promote Lee & his music. My ultimate goal really is for people not familiar with the music to see the art, read that it's 100% inspired by Lee's music, lyrics, voice and just him as a person and wonder, "who is this? He has to be amazing to make someone feel that way…I'm gonna check it out" (at which time they are completely enthralled and amazed by him as I am…. Swishhhhh..nothing but net, goal achieved, a new fan has been born) and trust me, I'm not the only one that feels this way, there is an army of Lee fans out there and we definitely fight for what we believe in... Lee DeWyze. 

This brings me to the definition of Fandom:The term “fandom” is used to refer to the collective fans of something such as a sport, hobby, musician, or series of books. Typically, the members of a fandom feel interconnected by their common interest, and a fandom can often be a subculture as well. Only the most devoted fans are included in a fandom, separating them from people who may only casually enjoy the thing in question.

Then there is the FamiLee…the collective of Lee DeWyze fans, who are in a category all of our own. We not only support Lee, we support each other. I will admit, I was one of those people that thought the whole idea of a fandom was cheesy and over the top. That was until I met this very special group of people that have become a familee for real. I care about these people. We care about each other as people, not JUST Lee fans. There is not enough web space for me to go into everyone I've come to love dearly in our FamiLee…but you all know who you are and I adore you all!

Ok, I got off track for a minute there….the reason for this post is Supporting what you love. One of the people I have met through this whole FamiLee thang, has been Mare. You all know Mare, she co-wrote the visual album review of Lee's "Frames" album. Brilliant writer and had come to be one of my favorite peeps. 

She is a fan of my work outside of associating it with the music. A couple weeks ago, Mare e-mailed me asking if it was ok to send out some letters about how art can help promote music. I was beyond flattered. I mean, I'll admit ...when I read what she writes I'm all  like, "that's about my work?!?! People really think it's THAT good?!?!" 

Anyway, I read her "letter" and was wowed. A shocked state of awe.... 

In this post, she is going to share this idea with you because it opens our eyes to another way of promoting and spreading the word. So I am going to pass it on to Mare to explain this to you in only a way she can!!!!!! :-)

Hey there!! It’s been awhile on here, but I’m never not inspired and I’m always writing :) As Jenn explained above, I feel like fandoms exist to support those who’ve made you feel something, inspired you, opened up a world for you.... and they also exist to create connections. Connections with others that view things in a similar way, and even more importantly.... people who open you up to new ideas or an alternative way of seeing things. When we are really lucky, some basic connections turn into life-long support, belief and friendship. 

I was up one night, looking at Jenn’s art, listening to music, reminiscing and wondering what I could do to spread the word of two amazing talents. Something you may or may not know.... when I believe in and support something or someone(s).... I do it full on. I want other people to recognize, see and feel the amazingness that I do.... I want to connect more people.

After asking Jenn if it was ok with her to talk about the art with the music, I decided to draft a letter to send out to multiple and diverse media sites. Last week, I sent those out to about 25 different people, in the hopes of just bringing attention to how art and music can relate, and how much I believe in both of these people. As much as I focused on Jenn’s art and Lee’s music, I also focused on the bigger picture....story ideas and connecting with a diverse group of people. Here’s some of what I said:

“What if music wasn’t limited to the ears? What if you could SEE music, get the feel for a song based on a visual representation first.... Vibes, instruments, voice, lyrics.... Told in a picture, a snapshot of the artists mind? Can art tell the story of a song, joining together to create something new, while bringing exposure to those limited by todays radio politics and bias? YES! And it’s becoming more popular!

Two similar but different communities are being brought together, reaching a broader scope of people. Using a different avenue, people are being inspired by music to create art, and musicians are benefitting from it. Inspiration of music for art is reaching charities, raising awareness, and all the while, gaining both the musician and artists new fans that otherwise would not have known about their work.

In July of last year I was inspired by a new song so much that I asked a friend of mine if she could paint what visually went through my head upon seeing the song performed live. This single collaboration led to a whole album review based on her art and my interpretation of both the art and music and how they just FIT. The art by Jenn M. Harding was solely inspired by the music and lyrics of singer/songwriter Lee DeWyze and his August 2013 release of the album “Frames”. The initial inspiration for this was a song of Lee’s titled “The Ride” and can be seen here:http://www.jennmhardingart.blogspot.com/2013_07_01_archive.html .The beginning of the visual art album review for “Frames”  can be seen here:http://www.jennmhardingart.blogspot.com/2013/10/a-visual-album-review-lee-dewyze-track.html  . We did this for ourselves because we were so inspired by the music. Each track on the album has its own art and story, made into a separate post. 

I have become excited about the prospect of art and music coming together, inspiring others, reaching new fans in an unconventional way, and that the idea of is growing and gaining popularity. What an amazing way to involve others, grow the arts as a whole, spread the message about new ideas and open the minds of the public. A visual artist inspired by listening to the lyrics and notes of a musician, and combining that to create a story and reach more people.... to teach people about music in a new way..... that doesn’t involve the typical avenue of promotion and politics in this day and age? I think it’s brilliant and needs to be explored.

The talent of Lee DeWyze and Jenn Harding inspired me to write.... to tell a story and attempt to have people relate to and hear the music in a way they hadn’t thought of, to art they didn’t see the meaning behind and understand, and maybe together.... to bring two talents to the public, where they wouldn’t have noticed before and would be given a try. Imagine if all circles of inspiration could find all of us new music, new art, new ways of seeing the world? “

It’s only been a week, so we will see what happens. Maybe someone will find a story idea from what I wrote, maybe someone will check out the music and the art and become a fan, maybe someone will be inspired to create their own art or music, and maybe.... a new connection will be made. One of lifelong support, belief and if we’re lucky..... friendship. 


Ok, I'm back!!! Isn't that awesome?!?! I've read the same article she is referring to in this and was equally amazed & inspired it! I mean wow, people that do what I do! It really is genius ya know... To get other fans from different avenues to cross the road & become a fan of what you love to. Isn't this why social media and all these magazines exist?!?! Think about it. I'd be very appreciative of you'd share this blog post any way you can, help people see this... All different kinds! 

Thank you for reading, this was a long one (wink)


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