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Sunday, October 18, 2015

"Stone" by Lee DeWyze ... Reimagined ...

I'm back..... 
With Lee DeWyze being my muse, 99.9% of my art is a collaborative effort. Obviously he & I don't actually work together...but he creates stories that inspire me to bring them to life....that's collaborating, right? 

There are times when he is too busy or wants to just chill and can't keep up on social media. I don't blame him, but selfishly I must say...those times hit me hard. I mean, he IS my sole source for inspiration so when I hear nothing... I get unmotivated and uninspired. I do wish I didn't need him in order to create...but sadly, I do... 

I've been down lately, unable to create or draw or anything. I just wasn't feeling it... Until last week when my friend Mare told me about how SHE was listening to Lee and had a visual. She was very specific ...when she explained the scene to me, to me...it's basically a "continuation" of "Stone". She was listening to the song and had a visual of me, not being able to create , the lyric that struck her being "And I can feel no more...." And me lying by that river "where he threw his stone". I fell in love with this idea immediately ... I created an entire scene. Funny thing is, when Mare told me her idea I pictured a different lying position and ended up changing it. Without knowing, the pose I chose was the exact one she pictured! The circle of inspiration came full circle once again!!! 
Below is the original sketch to accompany the song "Stone" by Lee DeWyze: 

And here is my sketch after talking to Mare: 

After playing with some apps, I merged both sketches so they created a full story ; and Mare ( who is an amazing writer, wrote a line for my sketch) ...... It allows the song to take on a whole new meaning! Letting you SEE how I actually feel when I'm waiting to hear more of what he is working on, waiting to feel that energy and passion he puts into everything he does... I love that! I love that someone else "gets" it enough to  "see" it and allow me to bring it to life.....  

Thank you Mare! This is why I love you!!! 

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