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Friday, October 23, 2015

The thing about music is....

We are all addicted to something that makes the pain go away or make you feel anything... 
............Mine is music...........

No matter what kind of music you listen to, you listen to it for a reason. There is something about it that you relate to, you enjoy the way it makes you feel….
To me, it is inconceivable that there can be people out there that do not like any kind of music.  I think the world needs music. There is something about it that is just magical, don’t you agree? 

Music therapy has been proven to be 70% more effective than antidepressants.  I know this for a fact because I spent most of my teens on them and they did nothing to help..but music did. 

Music can heal emotional wounds, boost your self -esteem, help you release stress, wind down and connect with other people that feel connected to it the same way you do…  See …Magic. 
Now I post all the time about what inspires me. You all know by now that the music and lyrics of Lee DeWyze inspire me. It inspires me to create pictures to bring his songs to life.  When I listen to his voice and words, I just see them. Then I put them on paper and share them with the world.
I do not do it so that everyone knows who I am….
I do not have any plans on being a full time artist to pay the bills (let’s face it, I’m an ok artist, but not great. Ha ha) …
And I do not do it for the attention of Lee either….
The reason is quite simple: 
I do this because when I hear Lee DeWyze’s stunning voice and brilliant song writing; I get an overwhelming feeling that I need to express how it makes me feel. His music is like, the art of the soul, in my opinion it's a true expression of how music is supposed to make a person feel. 
Now, do I love the fact that Lee and his fans love my work? Yes, of course.  Do I get even more inspired to continue by their encouragement and support? Yes, but my main goal and purpose is to get the art and the stories out to people that may not be fans of Lee...yet;  people that have not heard of him before or people that just assume he is too “pop” since he was on American Idol. 
I still have hope for people… that they can still be inspired and appreciate true beauty and raw talent, not just brain washed music fans that love whatever the radio tells them they will love. I want those people to read these blog posts, see my art and be intrigued enough to go listen to him. I want them to listen for themselves and see what makes someone feel that strongly about an artist. What makes them fall so deeply in love with the sound of a voice or melody. 
THAT is my main goal
I am asking that if you are reading this, you please share it, re-tweet and post to anyone else that might read it as well. If you are a fan of music, any kind….you should understand where I am coming from. 
I am pretty passionate about the subject. I’d also love to hear what inspires you! A friend sent me a quote that she read somewhere that just fits. I am not sure who said it; 
“I am a firm believer that there is no wrong way to create. We should all follow our muses into scary, unfamiliar places, know the values and themes that make our individual hearts sing, and then weave them into our work” 
……I love this and feel that is what I have  been doing throughout Lee’s music journey thus far. 
I love ALL kinds of music. On any day if you took the ear buds from my ears to hear what I am listening to, I guarantee you’d have a hard time putting my tastes in a category: I can go from Lee DeWyze… to gangster rap… to Social distortion…to Disturbed…to Taylor Swift and then have an all-out 90’s dance party in my head.  As far as favorites, anyone that knows me will tell you  that when they hear LIVE, Poe or Lee DeWyze, they think of me.
I love all three of them, but in different ways. I have always been a LIVE fan infatuated with Ed Kowalczyk  ha-ha, Poe-  because she just “got me”. She was haunting and different and I just adored her (still do!) and then there is Lee who is just special. Lee’s music has found a place in my heart and soul that I never knew music can reach. I honestly have never been truly inspired before, which is why I am so fascinated about the subject. It’s an unreal feeling when it happens… That is something you want to share and want people to understand. 
Please check out Lee’s music… you will not be sorry. And new music is on its way and trust me, it’s amazing! 
Here is the link for Lee DeWyze’s website: http://leedewyzeofficial.com/
 Thank you for listening! 

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  1. I LOVE this post- the power of music to heal and enrich is amazing ! My favorite reminder of this came from a military member. We try to send Care packages regularly to soldiers overseas, and we always put music in. A thank you for the music said simply:

    "The music is such a link to home, and a distraction from our days. But really, it's home."

    Music is home for me, too.