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Thursday, March 24, 2016

I'm back!!!!!!

Hey everyone… I am back! 
Sorry for the long break, I was sick for two weeks and before that I had a bit of a creative block. Trust me, I did not understand why… Lee has released this AMAZING album, “Oil & Water” … 10 songs of perfection. So it has nothing to do with lack of inspiration. 

I can not explain it, I just could not get to that creative place….but now I have. 
As I laid on the sofa feeling like I was on my deathbed last week… All I wanted to do was sketch. For some reason, I just felt that I couldn’t. It was as if I just lost my ability. I sat up with all my previous sketchbooks open, paging through each one, sketch by sketch ,but it just left me kind of depressed. Then I thought of something. This last book, the one I was so excited to start…the one that I had such big plans for…. Hardly had any sketches in it and the ones that were there- didn’t give me the satifsfaction past sketches had. They are in no way my best work. I’ve decided the vibe of this book was just not right, so I will not be touching it again. I will buy a new one. I do not need bad juju. I mean, not all were bad… I just did not feel they represented just how much the music means to me. I will let you decide…. 

I was at work today, listening to “Oil & Water” as I have been every other day, but today was different. Today is the first time in a long time where I felt like myself. As each track played, I had to stop what I was doing to write my sketch ideas. Post-it’s everywhere….. putting my chaotic thoughts down on paper has always been my first step….. I missed that.  I wish there was a way to describe that feeling so you’d understand. 
I have been discussing my work and inspirations with another local artist…. A well respected fine artist. I am not going to go into that right now as I have exciting plans…. But I will say that after he heard about it, seen samples of my work and heard how it’s influenced by Lee’s music… he said “You are certainly inspired and that is rare”  for as simple the statement… it makes me pretty happy. As for my plans…. It is in the beginning researching stages, so I am not ready to discuss… but I am pretty excited about it. (no need to ask, I will not elaborate since it's something that might not even happen.... Just thoughts for now) 

In keeping with tradition, I plan on doing another Visual Review of Lee DeWyze’s new album “Oil & Water”… track by track the way I did with “Frames”. 
In case you were not aware or do not remember… I will be writing up my thoughts on each track along with the sketch that that song inspired. I’ll tell you how the song inspired me to do that particular visual. Then Mare, being a Lee Fan knowing the music as well will write about her take on the song and if she can see where I got that visual. Then finally, my sister, Danielle will be kept in the dark from the music until AFTER she has seen the art. With her not listening to the songs yet…. She will write about what the ART makes her feel before even hearing the song. THEN she will hear the song to see if she was able to get a feel for Lee’s story by my visual. 
I am pretty excited…I hope you are too! 

It is great to be back....stay tuned.



  1. Sounds creatively interactive & intriguing 🎨

  2. Very exciting can't wait! You are truely gifted! Xo