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Friday, January 29, 2016

Check it out!!!! Exciting!!!

Hello everyone! 
So I am back with some exciting news to help spread love for Lee DeWyze! 
We all know I paint and sketch my art which is all 100% inspired by Lee DeWyze’s music, lyrics and voice. What you do not get to see, is that there are other dedicated fans that feel the same way about his music as I do! Some also draw, but some write poems, short stories, do music covers… the list is endless. He inspires people in so many ways! I thought it would be nice to have one place to put all of these creations. after brainstorming with Mare, I have created an Instagram Account called “A_Musical_muse_collab” 
This will be an account where all things Lee Dewyze inspired can be posted! One place where we can see that this music touches other people the way it touches us! One place that Lee can go to see what everyone is working on. 
How do you get your creations posted for us all to see? 
  1. Go to Instagram and Follow the account. I will make sure you are followed back

  1. Send a private message with a picture of what you’d like to post and a brief description. Since this is Instagram,. Please make sure it can be seen by a screen shot! 
  2. I will post it, tag you as the creator and do an explanation of what it is. 
I can't wait to see what you share!!! If you send a video, I have to figure out how to re-post that, so please be patient! 

Only positive work will be shared! :-) 

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