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Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello Everyone! Surprise, it is launch day of my “Sweet Sweet” Project!
After receiving such positive feedback on the painting and about 30 e-mails a day from people asking to buy it-I had an idea!
Back in November of 2010, I decided to create a T-shirt utilizing the “Sweet Sweet” painting. However, I did not feel right making money off of Lee’s fame.  Lee DeWyze has been a very active supporter of Feeding America, so I sent an e-mail to the Peg Bianca; director of my town’s local food bank (and member of Feeding America), Greater Berks Food Bank. I told her that I would like to make a shirt using this art and then donate the proceeds to their charity.  Much to my surprise, not only did she love my idea, she is also a fan. Peg has been a huge help and I appreciate all she has done. At that time, I also reached out to Wuli Records, who graciously offered to assist with the project. Wuli Records is offering a one time only free digital download of the song, “Sweet Sweet” to everyone who purchases a shirt.
100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Feeding America and Greater Berks Food Bank.
Please check out my website below to read more about the project, Feeding America, Greater Berks Food Bank, Wuli Records and Lee DeWyze, and to purchase the shirt!!
BUY THE T-SHIRT HERE :    http://artandmusicforhope.com/
Thank you to everyone who has been supportive with this project and helped it become a reality: Greater Berks Food Bank, Feeding America, Wuli Records, Lee DeWyze fans and Darren Price, Art Director for Virtual Farm Creative.
Thank you for your Support !!!!!!!!

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  1. I am so happy for you! Pretty excited too!! You know I am a big fan of your work, I'm so glad others can appreciate it as well. You gotcha some talent girl....keep the paintings coming....like the one of 2 beautiful children at a certain Pa location (wink, wink). Much love...<3