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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wife, Mother & an Artist

Hello, My name is Jenn, Welcome to my blog!
I am a music fan, inspired by one particular amazing voice and I'd like to share the journey of my first series of painting inspired by Lee DeWyze. Lee was the 2010 Season 9 Winner of American Idol.

First, a bit about me :-)

My family makes me incredibly happy and painting calms me.

Until recently though, I have not had much time for sketching let alone painting... I have a full time job, an active 3 year old and a loving husband. In our down time, we do things together. I do not get much alone time to paint, but for as much as I love painting...I love my family a billion times more and they are worth it. I love them with all my heart!

I listen to ALL kinds of music, but lean more to the singer-songwriter side. I hold the highest respect for song writers. To make someone actually feel what you are saying...it's a gift. I have grown up around musicians, been friends with musicians, been a little inspired, but I never was truly effected by some one's music (aside from stints of having that favorite band growing up, being starstruck and obsessed. lol..we have all had them..) As you get older-those feelings fade and the more musicians you know, even if they are local- you realize they are just people that have talent...no different from any other person. However lately, there has been music that has touched me to the point of being beyond inspiring...like a muse in a way...
Lately I have been pretty much listening to Lee DeWyze.
I am absolutely amazed by every song he had written and performed. I have been listening to nothing but his voice everyday while at work, in the car, jogging and they have definitely inspired me.
When I listen to Lee's music, my mind races with images to his words, I have a plan for just about every song he has written. I welcome any feedback you have as I post the paintings.

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