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Friday, October 18, 2013

A visual review of Lee DeWyze's new album "Frames": tracks 10 & 11.... Works in progress!

Hello Everyone! This post is going to be just me writing, as the next two tracks, “Stay Away” and “Little did I know” are still swimming in my head (and as you can tell, it’s pretty busy in there,)
...this quote just says it all......
So In this post, I will walk you through some of those thoughts…
Track # 10: “Stay Away”
I know… most of you were most excited to see “Stay away” and so am I (Sorry Melissa!) 
So, let me explain the problem here: “Art is a passion or it is nothing”-Robert Fry
I’m extremely passionate about this song, so I have SOOOO many ideas; all depending how you read into the lyrics…
I have so many thoughts and different interpretations of this song in my head that I am having a hard time deciding which I’d like to bring to life. Really, I have 3 pictures in my mind; in detail…I just can not choose between them! So please stay tuned for those. I am hoping to have this painting started within the next month. I’m looking at this song from the perspective of meeting someone that is so perfect that it scares you…If any of you say that you have never experienced this, you are lying.... Everyone has. It could be that you are already involved with someone; it could be that the emotions are so strong that you can not handle it, or the timing couldn’t be worse… so you are asking that person to stay away so you do not get pulled into the point of no return. Does that make sense? OR… I’m also looking at it as being involved with someone and no matter how much you love them… you just can’t do it anymore. Could have been a betrayal of trust or just too different, etc….
So yes, this song is complicated and I REALLY want to do it justice… so please know, I’m working on it and I want it to be perfect…………I give you my word it will be worth the wait ;-) 
Ok, Track #11: “Little did I know”
This one I DO have a sketch for. (yay!)  This is another song I think everyone can relate to. I am painting this from the view point of finding out that you really didn't know everything about someone you might have loved or still love... It happens all the time... You meet someone and start a relationship and you are almost blinded by the rush of the "new love high" & attraction that you ignore the signs... I hear this song in 2 ways.. It could be just that, you get off that high and realize they aren't right for you after all ( which still hurts, but you shouldn't have to change people you love, right?) OR... You are madly in love then get blindsided by something they may have done or hid from you... Either way, both of those situations suck and are depressing. I do not see this song as depressing; I find this an empowering song! With lines like "as your tears fell to the floor I turned to stone"... I mean, it takes guts to tell someone you love them more than they'll ever know, then "I'm letting go".... I wanted to capture that empowering moment, where you are able to walk away from something you love because you know it's not right for you.... That kind of drama and passion is what great movies are made of... And then to put it to music that makes you just want to dance is genius.
 Again, I applaud you Mr.DeWyze.... You are by far the most amazing story teller in the world ... Stay tuned for the finished paintings in a few months!!!!! ..... 

Next up, "Who would've known".... 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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  1. Ok Jenn Thank you, i am patient!!! I agree with you 100 percent about stay away! Can't wait. Looking forward to the progress of Little did i know.