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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Visual album review of Lee DeWyze "Frames" - track #3 Silver Lining

This painting is my interpretation of Track # 3- Silver Lining. Not gonna lie, this one is going to be hard to describe. Ever have thoughts that make so much sense in your head, then when you have to say them out loud people are like, “huh?” – That is this one.
The definition of Silver Lining is a hopeful or comforting prospect in the midst of difficulty. This is pretty much straight forward. As always, the lulling voice of Lee DeWyze is telling you a story… a story of two people being there for each other to turn things around just when they need it. He never disappoints…. I love this song. The amount of compassion in that man’s voice and lyrics never cease to amaze me. (insert dreamy sigh here) …but anyway…
To create a visual scene to get this point across the only way I can describe it is this….Imagine you had an awful day, or things just aren’t going the way you planned. But then you have this amazing conversation with someone that picks up on that and turns your whole mood around. They find the positive in that situation, or it could have just been their presence that turned that unhappy situation into a comforting and hopeful one. Does that make sense? I wanted to portray that feeling of having an amazing, insightful and calming conversation with someone that picks you up, rather then make it worse or also wallow in whatever funk you were in to begin with.
My original intent was to have a realistic painting; however one day I was sitting at my son’s BMX practice listening to “Silver Lining” and just started sketching. Well, more like doodling at this point…
Obviously the people on the bench came from the first line of the song, “Remember when I met you on the park bench”    And the clouds…. It’s about silver linings…duh… haha
Well, it started out as stick figures... then as I added more to bring it to life I decided that I LOVED that look… keeping it raw because lets face it, the best conversations are raw & compassionate. Right? I felt the “sketchy” look showed you that.

Why are there no faces you ask? (Sorry Claire J !) But there are 2 reasons there are no faces:
  1. Not gonna lie... I am horrible at faces…
  2. I love the idea of letting the gestures tell the story. If you get the gestures and body language down… who needs to see the facial expressions… the emotion is out there and in my opinion even more honest than a smile, etc.                            …That’s my story and I’m sticking to it….
 Here is Mare's point of view based on knowing the music: 

Silver Lining

Silver Lining is pretty straight forward to me... both the song and the art. As I mentioned in the previous post, I got to see this painting and hear Jenn’s thoughts from sketch to canvas (actually, it’s that way for the rest of the album). I’m eternally grateful for unlimited texting plans....

Jenn’s vision of this song is essentially the same as mine.... We shared a brain often during this whole process... I should apologize to her for the state of my mind sometimes (haha). 

Instead of re-stating everything Jenn said, I’ll tell you about my favorite part of this painting. She pointed out the lack of detail in the faces. To me, the lack of detail, the sketch format.... IS the detail. It could be anyone.... A shadow of a thought. A memory. Two friends, turned towards each other... The give and take of a conversation, a relationship. 

The music and lyrics create the story in Silver Lining, starting slow and melodic, building to a faster pace and stronger vocals... returning to slow and melodic... then faster and stronger again. That’s life isn’t it? The ups and downs...finding a person to show you the positive in those down times and lifting you up and reminding you there’s always a Silver Lining... to make you stronger again.....

Here is Danielle's view based on the art alone: 
Silver Linings....ok so this painting is right up there with Hummingbird for me. Silver Linings to me is about beginnings...maybe the beginning of love..maybe the beginning of friendship or just simply the beginning of finding yourself! When I look at this painting I see a confidence in the male by his body language the way he props his arm on the bench and how his legs face his lady friend! His posture screams relief like he has finally been able to breathe...like this woman gives him a chance to be himself.  

You can see & hear Lee DeWyze singing "Silver Lining" here: in studio video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dgo145PHW0I

Lyrics for Silver Lining: 

Remember when, I met you on the park bench
And you smiled at me, and said that we should be friends
'Cause I was drowning there upon the dry land
You sat beside and put your hand in my hand

So you picked me up and you put me in a straight line
You looked at me, and said that it would be fine

If we take the time, to find, the silver lining
We can make these cryin' waters into wine
And We'll be alright
And we'll be alright
They, they don't know our hearts
They, won't break us apart
We, we don't have so much but
We, all we need is us

Remember when, I found you on the cold ground
You were looking up as the sky was looking down
And you said that you were jealous of the bright stars
I said darling you'll be brighter than they all are

And then I picked you up and I put you in a straight line
I looked at you, and said that it would be fine

If we take the time, to find, the silver lining
We can make these cryin' waters into wine
And We'll be alright
And we'll be alright


They, they don't know our hearts
They, won't break us apart
We, we don't have so much but
We, all we need is us

If we take the time, to find, the Silver Lining


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  1. Jenn, Mare, Danielle,
    Just wanted to say I am really enjoying the interplay between your viewpoints and the art. Great job telling the story visually via guestures and leaving the faces blank so we can insert our own story. These two might be married, friends, etc. As he looks toward her, the guy reaches to the girl in open trust. The girl is relaxed, but she's looking away, preoccupied by something frustrating. She sighs, "Ugh, my day..." He reaches toward her and says, "Hey, it's all right."
    (Interesting that she's looking at the guy in the primary sketch)

    The story I imagine is DeWyze and his wife Jonna, or more symbolically, Lee the singer reaching out to this artist Jenn, via his songs. It doesn't matter who--what does is that we're here to love and give to each other, as much as we can. Preach it, ladies. *smiles*