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Friday, October 25, 2013

A visual review of Lee DeWyze's new album "Frames": track #13 "Breathing In"

We have made it to the last track on “Frames”… This is going to again be just me as all I have for “Breathing in” is a sketch and a million more images floating in this brain of mine. I’m gonna share something with you that most artists don’t. I am going to give you a glimpse into my sketchbook and the initial process of how I get to the canvas. What you usually see if just the first initial sketch on the canvas, or the finished product… but what you don’t see it the chaotic mess of doodles that come first. That is how I work.
But first, I’m going to give you this link to check out. I usually try to give you the most current version of the songs, but when I think of “Breathing In”, I think of the very first time Lee shared this song with us via video. It didn’t even have a title yet, but to this day, it’s one of my favorite videos ever posted. It’s just him, in his element, opening up to us when he is in HIS happy place…. In the middle of creating this beautiful song. I love everything about this video. This song to me is comforting, beautiful and just instantly changes my mood. All the versions have that effect on me…. But this one…. There are just no words. I can’t even stop smiling long enough describe it for you… so jus watch it here (and be prepared to not do anything else the rest of the day because you WILL get lost…trust me) : 
A sketch book to an artist is pretty much a diary. I carry my book with me now because you never know when the perfect image will pop into your mind. If you just picked up my book and looked at it, you’d be like she is an artist, really? Lol. That actually happened a few months ago at the BMX track. I was sketching up ideas and a 10 year old walked over, nodded and said “whatcha do’in? Writing in a diary or something?”
When I told him it was a sketch book he immediately wanted to see, so I showed him. He was quiet at first just looking up at me in confusion, and then said, “Um, I can draw way better than this...” LOL, ouch! Damn kids are honest….
I showed him pictures of what those doodles turned into and that shut him up… LOL….
So….. I am going to show you thise secret pages for my “Breathing In” ideas… I basically do stick figure-like drawings just to remind me of where I want something and write down all my thoughts or key words I want to focus on…

I’ll also tell you a secret…for the actually painting… I have a completely different visual that I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go with (wink) , but at least you get to see this side of art… it’s the completely stripped down naked version of the actual art.. the soul if you will… the messy, chaotic jumble of thoughts that happen when I listen to Lee’s voice and words… it really is my happy place and it’s extremely easy to get lost in there.
I truly hope you enjoyed this visual review of Lee DeWyze’s new Album “Frames”….
Stay tuned because we are not totally done... Mare, Danielle and I have more to say about this album as a whole and this whole experience. Also, as the songs that are only living in my mind and sketchbook come to life, I’ll be posting! 
Stay tuned for our Final thoughts...


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  2. Thanks for sharing your process and how you arrive to your interpretations with us--very cool. That's what I love about art, different artists get inspired by the same thing, and each artist has a unique take, which is cool. Can't wait to see the finished piece!
    (made mistake in 1st comment, which is why I reposted. :)