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Saturday, October 19, 2013

A visual review of Lee DeWyze's new album "Frames" , track #12 "Who would've known"

This one is pretty simple. Nothing to interpret, nothing to read into......

This painting is more like a gift to Lee DeWyze.  “Who would’ve known” is the song That Lee wrote for his wife, Jonna Walsh and is the song she walked down the isle to. Something that personal to someone shouldn’t be “interpreted” by anyone else... period. So you will find that none us of will have a long story about it. :-)  A wedding song is sacred to a couple...so really, what is there for us to write about?

The story of “Who would’ve known” is a lot like almost everyone’s story of falling in love, creating a life together and even includes those scary moments when you ask yourself, “are you ready for this?” We have all been there.
Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, but also a little bit scary- but those fears quickly fade, making way to the beauty and excitement of that day. 

For this painting, I decided to makes this one exactly what is was intended for, Lee & Jonna’s big day. My source of inspiration came from one of their actual wedding Photos, taken by Marianne Wilson. You can see the rest of her gorgeous photos here: http://www.mariannewilsonblog.com/maravilla-gardens-wedding-photography-jonna-lee-wedding-photos/

Instead of just painting a portion of one of their wedding photos, I printed out several pages of the song lyrics, used distressed green ink to stain them and HAND CUT each and every single blade of grass and glued them to my canvas. 
I also used actual lace for the portion of the dress that you can see.

SO there you have it, simply put. I hope you like it! 

Here is Mare's point of view knowing the music & the art: 
As a little girl, whenever I looked at my parents wedding album, I was never one to ask about the actual day. I always wondered more about life before and after that day. I picked my mom’s brain about her thoughts and what she thought her future would hold. As I got older, I would more often wonder about the entire journey of my life, but I was never concerned with whether or not someone would be with me on that journey. If there was, then “great” but if there wasn’t, that was ok too. It’s like thinking about wedding dresses versus two old people in their rocking chairs on a front porch, watching the sunset.... The story that time itself would create. Writing this, I’m realizing I was a weird little kid... never really caring about weddings, but more about the details of life. Having said that, I have never had a personal place to draw from when listening to this song.... it’s hard for me to relate to it in any way.... It was like listening to someone else’s personal story....until Jenn created the art.

The detail of the dress and the painstaking effort of creating those blades of grass out of lyrics... that spoke to me and helped me relate a little more to the song. Why? Because it’s the details and effort put into the art that reminded me of what I think about when I think about marriage. It’s not about the day for me, or really even what comes before it.... It’s about a start and what it will take to go forward. It’s like looking at the cover of a book before you read it.... but the details, the actual story is on the inside... and you don’t know what it says yet. Life, like a book, is always unpredictable... you never really know what’s written until it happens. You may think life is leading you in one direction and you’re going along that path, when suddenly out of nowhere, someone or something steps into it...and a new story begins....

Here us Danielle's point of view looking at the art alone: 
No hidden meaning in this painting. Who would've known, two people in love. As they lie in this field I imagine they gaze into each other's eyes, into their future together. The grass appears to be words...maybe it's the lyrics of both their pasts coming together, intertwining as one! Who would've known that the paths they traveled would bring them here; to this moment.

You can hear the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpCpk-KRkTE  this video was taken by Kirtsen (@Palatinleefan) in Nashville. 

Lyrics " Who would've known

She grew up in Southern California

Tried to make a living on her own

Then I came along and I took her from her mother

And now my heart is where she calls her home

Tried to give her everything I promised

Things don’t always go just as we plan

We built our world and we tore it down

But I cant do this on my own because

Her heart is where I call my home

And who would’ve known that Id ever get to see you in your gown

And who would’ve thought that the two of us would ever give our vow

But just look at us now

Countin down the days and second guessin

My head was full of clouds, my feet were cold.

I packed my things and I ran away

But that didn’t even really last a day

Because her heart is where I call my home

So I guess Ill be honest with myself...

I’m goin down this road I’ve never known.

This road has turns and this road has hills

But I know I’m always gonna love her still because

Her heart is where I call my home.

And who would’ve known that I’d ever get to see you in your gown?

And who would’ve thought that the two of us would give our vow?

But just look at us now.

She asked me what it was I loved about her....

Said everything and things I still don’t know.

She said I love you, I said I love you more

And everyday’s better than the one before because

Your heart is where I call my home.

Oh because

Your heart is where I call my home.

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  1. Jenn, you are so talented and I love all the little touches you give to your interpretive art. This one is simply perfection.