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Saturday, October 26, 2013

1 of 3: Danielle's final thoughts on this Visual review of Lee DeWyze's new album "Frames"

You ever truly believe that you know someone in and out, from top to bottom, at his or her worst and best? Then out of the blue you realize you were completely wrong? Yeah me too but that's not my point. Ha ha 
 My point is that I thought my sister and I were and have always been completely different, but after this project I found out; with much enthusiasm, that we are alike in many ways. More ways maybe than we realize.
 Like you, I've read my sister's influences and feelings behind her art. I've read Mare's point of view (I must say she painted us a picture with her words alone) and then I listen to the songs associated with the paintings. I'm amazed by how each of us begin with the same notions and emotional feelings. 
 The magic that art and music can make together is mesmerizing. It connects people that are otherwise miles apart! Seeing the paintings before discovering the songs gave me this little niche to rest in while listening to Lee put his heart right out there with no doubts or regrets. Who would've know my opinion would lead me down a journey of discovery? 

-Danielle Mazzo 

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