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Friday, October 25, 2013

2 of 3: Mare's Final thoughts on Lee DeWyze's album "Frames"

When Jenn first mentioned doing the blog together, with me writing my thoughts on the art and music, my initial reaction was..... no. What if what I write is “wrong”? What if what I write “boxes in” the music and the art? What if it has a negative impact in any way? My self doubts then turned to self-consciousness... I was uncomfortable letting the world know how the art and music make me feel and what I think about, and then beyond that.... people don’t really care about my thoughts and feelings... interpretation of art and music is an individualistic thing. It’s personal. I felt that way through the entire process...until I sat down to write the ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ post. When you immerse yourself in music and art, and the deep down thoughts and feelings they bring about, they open up a different world or way of thinking. That’s the brilliance behind the music and the art. It was never really about anything I thought or felt. It was about the bigger picture....what music and art can do for everyone when you find that connection. When you find people that can speak to your past, present and future, your heart and soul, and open you up to new ways of thinking, imagining, feeling...or things you’ve buried...and they do itwithout speaking....that’s where the magic lies. When they allow you the freedom to explore yourself and maybe find little pieces of yourself that you didn’t know existed. Living within the brushstrokes, lyrics and notes of the story of Frames, I learned about opening up my own heart and soul (which Lee and Jenn have to do every time they create something) and trusting enough to put it out there for other people. Not in fear of judgement so much as just letting people in. What I’ve had to say doesn’t really matter.... it’s always been about the circle of inspiration. At the beginning of all of this, I had said: “When you really listen to a song that affects you, it becomes more than notes and words. It takes on a life of it’s own.” Music creates images for all of us, it takes us somewhere else, it becomes our own story....and it inspires us. I was lucky enough to be a part of putting a story together....

Frames took me through so many thoughts and feelings, not just in my mind or heart, but ALL of me. I could feel every song....and then see every song. If I had to sum up each song with one word:

Fight: .......Persistence

Fire Away: ......Determination

Silver Lining: ........Hope

Frames: ...... Reflection

Like I Do: .......Memories

Open Your Eyes: ......Trust

You Don’t Know Me: .......Closure

The Ride: .........Clarity

Don’t Be Afraid: ........Vulnerability

Stay Away: .........Forbidden

Little Did I Know: .........Deception

Who Would’ve Known: .......Love

Breathing In: .........Life

13 visuals..... 13 pictures that create a snapshot of the thoughts, feelings and images one may get when listening to the album ‘Frames’. A visual explanation when words become too overwhelming. A brief glimpse of what music canlook like. A reminder that music is more than lyrics, notes and beats... it has texture, a vibe...it’s physical. The art is a place within the music.

13 songs.... well, technically 26. There are 2 versions of each song; the acoustic versions and studio versions. Being the brilliant artist that Lee is, depending on which version of a song I listen to, I feel different things. Hearing the same words, but running through different emotions based on the notes and beats behind those words. That speaks to how genius, and how authentic the song writing is. It comes from an honest place where he wasn’t afraid to let you see inside his heart, mind and soul. It allows the listener IN by creating music that is true to who he is. It took time to really reach down into the depths of who he is and pull all of these feelings out of his heart and soul and put them to notes...and I’m so glad it did. It’s the definition ofintegrity when making music. Each song takes you through an individual story, and when listened to in its entirety, Frames creates a world we’ve all been in, feelings we’ve all had. It’s a reminder to me that I’m not alone. There are dark times, happy moments, beginnings and endings.... and in between all of them....it’s the moments, the ‘frames’  that capture and define who we are.....

Personal Thoughts

Some of my favorite songs from Frames, ones that personally speak to who I am the most, have yet to be painted. My hope is that I’ve done both the music and art at least some justice on these pages. Hopefully, somewhere out there, someone looks at the art, listens to the music and has a better understanding of one or both, or at least another viewpoint to consider. 

Lee’s music has always spoken to me... on so many levels. Sometimes it tells my story and sometimes it gives me the words to what I’m feeling when I can’t find the words myself. Sometimes it’s my escape from the world and sometimes it’s my inspiration to do more in the world. What it alwaysis.... is something I can turn to no matter what I’m feeling. THAT is what true, honest, real music is. The difference for me between his music and anyone else’s is the place it comes from and the impact that has on what he creates with lyrics and notes. There is a depth to his music that lies between each note and within each word.... it’s why he can take one song and craft it a dozen different ways... it comes from knowing who he is both as a musician and as a person. His determination and conviction to stay true to that, even through difficulties, struggles, doubt and temptation in that business and in the world... has gotten us all here. To a place of genuine music.

Jenn-- When we started talking about the original art for The Ride and the blog post, I had NO idea it would turn into such an amazing journey. It has meant the world to me... to be trusted enough to put my words with something so close to your heart. I’ve found an amazing friend in this process and through that friendship, your consistent encouragement and your amazing art... I’ve found a little more of myself. Thank you for helping me break down some walls, for giving me an even bigger appreciation of art and for opening up the world of writing for me again. 

No matter where I go from here, I will take this journey and this music with me.... ALWAYS.


  1. And I appreciate your willing vulnerability in sharing your part of the journey. That is the heart of creating, opening up...and I hope that as you continue to "open your heart and soul" it refreshes you as you continue to write!

    At first I felt dorky for commenting on so many of these posts, but then realized it doesn't matter--because your words here has encouraged me and given me a deeper appreciation of these songs.

    So THANK YOU. :D

  2. Jenn mentioned you should write a book, so thought you might like this:
    National Novel Writing Month starts November. :)

  3. Thank you Assorted Raisins.... so much :)

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